Monday, September 23, 2013

My drugstore makeup routine!

I am sure we all know that makeup can be pricey. But you want to have nice makeup to play around with and make your gorgeous self look even more gorgeous (if that is even possible), right? Well no worries! Here is my 5 minute face using only products from the drugstore, and a couple more products from the drugstore that you may like!

I am guilty of spending a ton of my own money on huge name brands such as Yves Saint Laurent,
Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc. But you can often find that some drugstore brands are just as good as some of the ones, if not better. My personal favorite drugstore brand is Maybelline. It is cheap, and I am highly impressed with most of their products. Covergirl, on the other hand, I am not too thrilled with. Almost everything I have tried from that brand has been a disappointment. Typically, if I am doing my makeup in a hurry, I don't use foundation, blush, concealer, or any of that. If I am hurrying and doing a 5 minute face, I put mascara and a lip balm/tint on. I don't have bad acne, so foundation and concealer everyday are not a necessity for me on a daily basis, although I do find that it evens out my skin tone, so most of the time I use it anyway. So here is my makeup routine:

I start off with my foundation, which is by Maybelline, and it is the Fit Me! Shine Free foundation. It is in stick form, which is a little strange, but this foundation is great! It has pretty good coverage, but I wouldn't call it full coverage either. I get it in the shade porcelain, because I am ridiculously fair skinned and pale.

To touch up any blemishes that I want covered that weren't successfully covered by the foundation or BB Cream, I use the Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer. I have it in the shade Very Light, and it is perfect for my skin tone. I am highly impressed with its coverage as well.

I absolutely love playing with blush colors. It is my second favorite color area to mess with, next to lips. I change up what I wear daily, so here is a little about each of my top drugstore blushes:
-My personal favorite I think would have to be the Physicians Formula Glow and Mood Boosting Blush in the shade Natural. It definitely is a natural pink color, and I love it for school. It is definitely my most worn, and the packaging is adorable, which makes everything better!
-For a darker, less natural but still not over the top look, I go with the Revlon Powder Blush in Smokey Rose. It is such a pretty deeper pink, borderline pastel red (is that a thing? O.o) color, and I absolutely love it for the fall and winter especially! It is a to die for color, the pigmentation is great, and it lasts a long time on your cheeks!
-Another one of my favorite natural colors is the Maybelline Fit Me! blush in the shade Light Pink. The title says it all. It is so light, so natural, and so pretty for school, or if you are wearing a bolder lip color. I love it for the spring and summer time!

If you are looking for good blushes and are willing to splurge, some of my favorite high end blushes are from Too Faced. I love them all so much, I don't really have a favorite, but they are pricey. However, if I was going to splurge on high-end makeup, I would recommend getting a full face palette rather than a single item!

Next is eye-shadow. I generally don't stray from my Naked, Lorac Pro, The Balm Nude-Tude, or Kat Von D. palettes, but for drugstore alternatives, Maybelline color tattoos are my favorite. I use them as bases often with my high end palettes, but they can also be worn on their own as actual shadows.

Next is mascara. Mascara is what I think a face needs to finish off your makeup look. I typically will not go out of the house without at least that on, therefore it is definitely something I splurge on. For anyone who wants to know and/or is willing to splurge on a good mascara, my favorite mascara of all time is the Benefit They're Real mascara. It is amazing, and magical, and words cannot describe how much I love it. However, unless I am gifted it, it is not something I would go purchase again, because it is 25+ dollars, which is ridiculous. So for everyone else on a budget, we need drugstore. My personal favorite drugstore mascara is a limited edition one from Loreal, and it is called Voluminous Million Lashes Diamonds. It was out around this past Christmas, and I really hope it comes back this year, because I must go stock up on it. Another drugstore mascara I own is the Covergirl Flamed Out mascara, and to be honest with you, I can't stand it. I have never liked a Covergirl mascara, but I saw eleventhgorgeous raving about it via Youtube, so I decided I had to go get it to try it out. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me.

Last but not least, we are on to lips! Whether you use lipstick or gloss, it is still a great touch to totally change up your look. The colors you wear can make your outfit look totally different, and I love playing around with them! I am going to do this in three different sections:

-I will start with glosses, because I don't care for them as much. I find it hard to get a good lip gloss that isn't sticky, and has good pigmentation. I do have a couple though.
*This isn't necessarily drugstore, but it is a lot cheaper than a high end brand. Sephora brand lip glosses are great, especially if you layer it with a lipstick. They are not sticky at all, are super shimmery, and smell delicious! My favorite shade is Pink Kiss!
*I also really like Elf Shimmer Glosses, surprisingly enough. I am not a huge fan of Elf, but when they do something right, they really do it right. I wore these things every day of 7th and 8th grade, and got so many compliments. My favorite is in the shade Love, and it is basically a red shade for those who are scared to go all out red. It makes red lips a little less daring and bold.
*Lip glosses that I am highly disappointed in is the Flirt! Big Flirt sheer and shiny lip glosses. They are so expensive (I know they are by the brand Flirt, but jhese...), sticky, and their color payoff is terrible. I don't even understand why they have shades. I do not recommend!

-Next we have tinted lip balms. I love these for going to school, because they typically aren't too pigmented, and are glossy, so you can just throw them in your bag and put them on whenever without having to have a mirror. Here are some good ones:
*Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms are great! My two favorites are Pink Blossom, which is a very light, natural pink, and Rose, which is another one of those red colors for those who are afraid of red!
*Baby Lips by Maybelline are also great tinted lip balms! My two favorite are Cherry Me, which almost looks like you just ate a cherry popsicle, and Pink Wink, which is a great pale pink color.

-Last, we have actual lipsticks. Here are some of my favorites:
*Maybelline Vivids are great for bold, bright colors. They are great for adding an extra pop to an outfit. I only own three of these, and they are Vivid Rose, which is a hot pink/borderline red color, Shocking Coral (the name says it all), and Fuchsia Flash, which is a Nicki Minaj pink color to say the least.
*The Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Red Revival I find is great if you need a red lipstick for on stage, or the winter time. It is such a deep, dark red, and it is so gorgeous and long-lasting.
*Rimmel also makes some good lipsticks, but the only two I own right now are shade 102 from the Kate Moss line, which is a pretty natural pink color, and Candy from their regular lipstick line.
*A more glossy bright color is Blushing Sequin by Loreal. It is such a pretty, bright color, without being unwearable, and it isn't drying at all.

I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful. I am sure you can see swatches of any of these online, but if you can't let me know and I would be happy to show you guys.

Comment down below if you have any requests, or any suggestions for makeup for me to try! Also, if you want any reviews on products or something, comment down below and I would be happy to do those! If you like my blog, please spread the word! I am going to love doing this, I can already tell!(: <3

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